The 5 best Japanese restaurants in The Hague

japanese the hague

Japanese food is hot! Literally and figuratively. More and more Japanese restaurants are popping up in the cities and especially sushi and ramen are popular amongst us all. But which Japanese restaurants are actually worth trying? I’m taking you to my five favourite Japanese restaurants in The Hague!

#1 Yuzu

Bierkade 6, 2512 AA Den Haag

Yuzu isn’t only a restaurant; it’s also an authentic Japanese bar. It’s decorated with authentic ukyo-e art from Japan. The menu consists out of small dishes that are prepared in a Japenese way (from sashimi to gyoza) and the excellent service will tell you everything you need to know about the dishes you consume. I personally believe Yuzu is a great pre-drinking place for people who are interested in something original and who are fascinated by the Asian culture.

yuzu the hague

#2 Benkei

Denneweg 142, 2514 CL Den Haag

Benkei is a wonderful place that feels more retro than other Asian restaurants in The Hague. The first dishes consist of sushi and typical Japanese alcoholic drinks are optional. Main dishes are prepared on a baking tray (you can choose between chicken, lobster and steak) called Teppanyaki and that really creates a show. This unforgettable experience and quality of the food makes it worth to visit.

#3 Momiji

Rabbijn Maarsenplein 1, 2512 HJ Den Haag

Momiji is a restaurant that consists of two sections. You can choose between the sushi and ramen area. Their sushi is excellent, but I really suggest to go for the ramen. Momiji isn’t big, but it’s really nice and casual. Even though the service is really friendly, you might need to ask for some background information once in a while, if you’re not accustomed to the Japanese dishes. Momiji is really cheap and therefore very suitable for a night out with friends!

japanese momiji

#4 Oni

Prinsestraat 35, 2513 CA Den Haag

Oni is a Japanese restaurant decorated in a minimalistic style. It’s a little bit more expensive than other Japanese restaurants in The Hague, so make sure you’re with a nice +1. The menu isn’t showing the prices as they assume customers don’t really care about them as their quality is superior. This may sound tricky, but the restaurant is really worth the visit. The atmosphere at Oni feels quite luxurious and the service is very well informed. Definitely worth the visit!

#5 SET Genki Tei

Schoolstraat 4, 2511 AX Den Haag

My personal favourite! Not only the food at SET is wonderful, but it’s also very affordable and feels very authentic. So a perfect place for a date! Their service is great and next to the menu (snacks, sushi, sukiyaki) are traditional Tatami tables also possible. This all makes SET in my opinion the best Japanese restaurant in The Hague!

SET Genki Tei the hague japanese
SET Genki Tei

These are my favourite Japanese restaurants in The Hague. We’d love to hear your thoughts about them (and others)!.

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Hi! Ik ben Daria en mijn passie ligt bij Japan en de Aziatische cultuur. Ik studeer International Studies aan Leiden Universiteit in Den Haag. Zoals vele mensen hier hou ik van reizen, maar ook van power yoga, lezen en nieuwe mensen ontmoeten. Ik vind het fantastisch om nieuwe plekken te ontdekken en het hier met iedereen te delen.